Seniors Independent Services

Senior Independent Services

Seniors Independent Services aims to ensure support services are available and accessible to seniors and disabled persons who wish to remain living independently in their homes and communities throughout the Rural Municipality of Argyle. The Community Resource Coordinator acts as a focal point for access to information and referral, identifies existing resources, and develops new services for seniors. Services include:
  • Emergency Response Systems (Victoria Lifeline)
  • Emergency Response Information Kits (E.R.I.K.)
  • Resource Material (Brochures)
  • Research Information
  • Friendly Visit/Phone Call
  • Form Completion Assistance
  • Equipment for Loan
  • Handicap Parking Permits
  • Referrals - fee for a service- yardwork, housekeeping, footcare, snow removal and general inquiries etc.
The Senior Independent Services office is looking for volunteers to assist with senior programs. Please contact via phone or email if interested.

Coordinator: Brittany Van De Kerckhove                        
Phone: 204-825-4333 (Please leave a message)